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Sunrise Swim, Edinburgh Wedding!

A short while ago, I was excited and honoured to photograph Liat and Murray's Wedding, in Edinburgh City Chambers. What made this more unusual, was the early start of 8am for a sunrise swim with friends and family at Granton beach!

This also included some acrobatics and a piggyback race, running into the sea, and then some whisky or coffee to warm up afterwards and get excited for the main event.

The opportunity to try some fun ideas, get to know more of the family, and even give some acrobatics advice, something I didn't think I would use in my work, was great fun.

After that, we headed to the next location, The Roseate Edinburgh, to get ready! Getting the chance to meet more of Liat's family, and take some photo's particular with the really lovely freestanding bath by the window!

As quickly as it started we headed off in a taxi to the wedding venue itself, just off the Royal Mile, City Chambers Edinburgh. Instead of the exchanging of rings, Liat & Murray exchanged forest themed headpieces, wound together with honesty, pine, lavender, and several other plants, a really nice touch!

After the signing and the ceremony were over, we headed outside for some family pictures in the courtyard! But first, the throwing of the flowers, always a fun action packed moment to try and capture! The family photographs can sometimes be a bit complicated and take a while, depending on the needs of different relatives and the scope of the wedding, and making sure everything is just right, but it went very smoothly, and I am really happy with how they turned out.

It was a really lovely wedding day, and I was very happy to be involved!


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